Production Process Of Silicone Hose

- Mar 26, 2018-

1, refining rubber: mixing raw materials in the double stick mixer, add a double 24 or Platinum vulcanizing agent or silica gel masterbatch for mixing, pressure into a layer of uniform thickness of silicone extrusion material.

2, extrusion molding: In the silicone extruder Machine Head installation mold. The refined rubber is divided into the same size as the length of the shape, which is convenient to feed from the inlet of the extruder. Then through the silicone extruder feeding, extrusion molding but very soft silicone hose, the silicone hose into 8 meters long bake road, High-temperature vulcanization. Through the drying of the silicone hose can be semi-finished products, and then with the winding.

3, High-temperature vulcanization: Will wrap the silicone hose into the oven, ordinary silicone 180 degrees, the gas-phase silicone hose 200 degrees, high-temperature 2 hours, for two times the vulcanization to remove the odor of silicone hose, to prevent frost and yellowing.

4, follow-up processing: the rest is in accordance with the length of customer needs for cutting or bonding and other follow-up processing. And then according to the requirements of packaging shipments to customers.