Performance Of Silicone Tube With Internal Fluorine

- Mar 26, 2018-

Product hardness: In 23±2℃ Shore A hardness of 70±5 degree.

Blasting pressure: at room temperature, the product must be able to withstand 1.0MPa blasting pressure.

Under 200 ℃, the product must be able to withstand 0.4MPa blasting pressure.

High-temperature performance: 180 ℃ or 200 ℃ for 168 hours, the inner and outer materials should not be cracked and broken.

Low-temperature elasticity: 4 hours under -55℃, compressed from radial to 50%, inner and outer materials should not be cracked, broken, etc.

Interlayer bonding: When the 50mm/min rate is opened, the inner and outer layers of the bonding force should be ≥1.75kn/m.

Anti-ozone: in the concentration of 50pphmx40℃ ozone environment for 24 hours, with twice times the magnifying glass to observe the surface of no visible cracks.

OD Rate: 0.5 hours of 0.8kg/cm2 and 120 ℃ for measuring the outer diameter of the product.

Sealing performance: The pressure drop value is measured under 1kg/cm2 pressure for 5 seconds.

Anti-negative pressure (mechanical pressure): Under the pressure of -80kpa 30 seconds, the diameter of the hose retention rate is not less than 90%, no suction flat, delamination and other abnormal phenomena.