How To Choose High Temperature Silicone Hose

- Mar 26, 2018-

The corresponding strengthening and protection measures are adopted in the structural design of metal hose

In the structural design of metal hose, in order to improve the bearing capacity of bellows and avoid mechanical damage, it is necessary to take corresponding strengthening and protection measures, for the corrugated pipe with smaller diameter, it is the structure form of armored steel wire net sleeve.

To analyze the strength of the wire mesh sleeve, the structural parameters and the relationship between them are understood first.

The nets are woven from several strands, each with a plurality of roots and a wire of a diameter of D. It is covered with a certain regularity on the surface of the corrugated tube cylinder.

Therefore, in order to make reasonable use of the strength of wire mesh, we must understand the bearing capacity of corrugated pipe.

Because of the wire mesh for the "bones" of the hose is the predecessor of modern metal hoses, therefore, in the analysis of the strength of modern metal hose nets, we first study the metal screen in the plastic tube under the condition of the force, the rigidity of the hose is very small, so, the pressure caused by the medium load is basically by the metal wire network to bear. Metal hoses and hose are different because they have a much greater transverse stiffness than longitudinal stiffness. Therefore, the medium pressure caused by a large part of the transverse load is borne by the bellows, while the longitudinal load is mainly by the wire mesh to withstand.