What is Universal Silicone Straight Hose?

- Jun 08, 2018-


The Hose silicone rubber

Silica gel can be extruded into a tube and cured by high temperature cross - linking.


Introduction of High temp silicone hose

The silicone hose is made of high quality silicone rubber by scientific formula and advanced technology.


Define of Silicone straight reducer

The rubber tube made of silica gel has been widely used in all kinds of fitness equipment.Have carry convenient, beautiful, practical, low risk and other advantages.Normal use can extend more than 6 times, and not easy to break.Even in the case of cracks will not be immediately broken, to minimize the harm to the human body, is the best fitness equipment with the best elastic materials.


The characteristics of Silicone hose connectors

This product has the advantages of softness, high temperature resistance and stable performance.

(1) continuous use temperature 60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃;

Jasmine is soft, arc resistant and corona resistant.

As the products comply with the eu RoHS directive and have food certification;

Superior can customize various specifications according to customer requirements.

Regular color: transparent, white

Standard colors: red, blue, gray, green, other colors can be produced as required


Use of Silicone rubber hose  

Widely used in all kinds of household appliances, industrial appliances, lighting lamps and lanterns, insulated protection of electronic instrument, very suitable for water dispensers and water pipe of the coffee maker, is suitable for high temperature resistant insulation treatment, arc treatment, corona treatment.


Life of Silicone rubber hose  

Silicone tube aging resistance time is long, say life, that depends on the use of environmental factors.At room temperature, it can be used for more than ten years.


Detailed features

1, continuous use temperature 60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃;

2. Soft, arc resistant and corona resistant;

3. Dielectric strength (kv/mm)GB/T1408 is greater than or equal to 18

4, volume resistivity (Ω. Cm) 1 x 1014 GB/T1410 acuity

Universal Silicone Straight Hose