The difference between silicone tube, latex tube and rubber tube

- Mar 26, 2018-

Silicone tube: Also known as silicone hose. Used as liquid, gas and other materials flow and coating carrier.

Latex tube: Latex pipe is made of latex material of different pipe, mainly used in hospitals, equipment plants, power plants, research laboratories and other fields, but also related to bungee, trampoline and other entertainment.

Rubber hose: The characteristics of rubber hose has physiological inertia, UV-resistant, ozone-resistant, high and low temperature (-80-300 degrees), transparency, resilience, resistance to compression permanent deformation, oil resistance, stamping, acid and alkali, wear-resistant, hard to burn, voltage, conductive and other properties. In fact, silicone tube is also a rubber hose, oil-resistant, heat-resistant.