Introduction of carbon fiber pipe forming process

- Mar 26, 2018-

Winding is an important process of carbon fiber pipeline production, because the method is easy to realize mechanization and automation, compared with other molding process methods, the working conditions are good, the labor intensity is low, the product quality is stable, the production cost is lower, so the application is very extensive. Carbon fiber winding process is the use of wet winding, wet winding is the impregnation of glass fiber cluster, under a certain tension control directly wound on the core film process.

Winding to make carbon fiber position stable, do not skid, and evenly continuously covered with the core-mode surface, adjacent fibers are not overlapping and seam, which requires carbon fiber according to a certain law arrangement, this law is called "winding law". Carbon fiber from the core mold to start at a certain point, bypassing the core model and then back to this starting point, in the core mold to form a not repetitive winding around the type called the standard line, winding law is different, its standard line is also different, winding law by the core mode and the relative motion between the head of the The correct design of winding style is the important prerequisite to ensure the quality of carbon filament winding products, the use of the pipe is different, the winding style is different, the winding style can be divided into: circumferential winding, longitudinal plane winding and spiral winding three kinds. The three kinds of winding are distributed on different winding layers to improve the longitudinal and circumferential tensile strength of carbon fiber pipelines.